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September 17th is Constitution Day

Two hundred and twenty-eight years ago—to the day in 2015, marks the adoption of the US Constitution and the Bill of RightsConstitution Daythe rules we are all supposed to play by. When wealthy corporations don’t like the rules, they sue, lobby, buy campaigns, give lavish gifts, or twist arms until the rules are changed for their benefit. If ‘We the People’ want to change the rules, it requires us to form a social movement powerful enough to amend the Constitution, our one legal recourse.

In 228 years since its adoption, this nation has transitioned from:

• Hundreds of local-owned and independently-operated news outlets serving to educate and inform the citizenry—to a media system owned by six corporations which control 90% of what we read, listen to, and watch.
• Dozens of ragtag state militias providing common defense—to the largest, most expensive and offensive war machine the world has ever known.
• A beautiful, green land—with clear and potable water in its streams and lakes, massive forest lands, earth rich with minerals and fertile soil—to an environmental mine field threatened with global climate catastrophe, much of it brought on by US industrial polluters. The public at large has been indoctrinated by a whitewashed history of our founding and most of populations is struggling to make ends meet.
• A self-empowered population with the spirit, will, and self-love to fight for freedom from the tyranny of imperialism—to a population that “can’t fight City Hall.”
The Constitution has been amended 17 times since September 17th, 228 years ago, for a total of 27 amendments—We can do this again!
(adapted from a MTA newsletter)

Since 2012,  Occupy WNC has worked for a 28th amendment to the Constitution: to strip corporations of their legal “personhood” and to renounce money as political speech—These two so-called doctrines have transitioned us from a democratic republic to an oligarchy.

Become a part of our WNC coalition to work for social and economic equality. We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at the Dogwood Wellness Center, 114 West Hemlock St. in Dillsboro. 7-8:30pm. (828)351.1524. Occupy strongly endorses the We The People 28th amendment, along with hundreds of thousands of other citizens across the nation.

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  1. It is time to amend the constitution for the 18th time to enact the 28th amendment to declare that the constitution protects the rights of natural born humans, not artificial entities and that money is not a free speech right.

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