Vol. II, No. 2

The National Campaign to End Corporate Personhood and Demand Real Democracy!

MovetoAmend.org Far-Western NC -Sylva Newsletter, Vol. II, No. 2


Jackson County Commissioners Move MTA Resolution One Notch Up. When they voted to approve the Resolution to Amend on January 29, 2015, Jackson Commissioners assumed the county level leadership position on this issue—in all of Western North Carolina. We publicly extend our congratulations and gratitude to them.

Brian McMahan had invited the local MTA folks to make a presentation—as part of the agenda. Before the 2014 election, the newly-elected chairman, had signed the Pledge to Amend, stating his intention to see that the MTA Resolution “is passed within my first 100 days in office.”

McMahan, and MTA, succeeded!  (View The Canary Coalition documentation )

North Carolina Legislators to Introduce MTA Resolution in NC General Assembly – A NC state-wide Move to Amend coalition has developed by consensus the Resolution that will be introduced this session by NC legislator- sponsors. The bill, calling on the US Congress to pass the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, will abolish corporate “personhood” and effectively nullify the Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission (2010) decision. (CU defined money spent on political campaign contributions as an interpretation of First Amendment “personhood” free speech which cannot be regulated by government.) Representatives from NC state-wide MTA will travel on Wednesday, March 4th to lobby in Raleigh, where they will hold a press conference at 11 AM in the Press Room of the Legislative Building. Also attending will be two of the Resolution’s primary sponsors, Representative Verla Insko and Senator Terry Van Duyn.

The Jackson County NAACP Branch INVITES YOU to their first Black History Program. Sat. March 28th at Liberty Baptist Church . Following the 10:00am Membership Meeting, the general public is invited to arrive (by 10:20 am) and participate as readers (brief scripts provided). Four historic periods of Black Americans’ struggle for equality will be highlighted.  Plan to come; invite your friends and, family. NAACP request: Post on your personal and organizational Facebook page.


Landowners Rights Workshop (Need to know before we get fracked) March 16, 6:00 PM, Swain Business and Technology Center. (Sponsored by N.C. Cooperative Extension and the Rural Advancement Foundation International (R.A.F.I).
OCCUPY WNC Holds Its First Meet and Greet on Tuesday, March 24th, 7:00 PM at Signature Brew The social event is open to friends and the public. Drop by and meet Occupiers and learn what OccupyWNC is all about. Libations and appetizers provided. Signature Brew will also offer an Open Bar, along with their fabulous coffees & unique menu items. On display will be a visual history of OCCUPY WNC’s MTA actions.


 A House Bill to disapprove the Mining and Energy Commission Oil and Gas Rules  was to be filed this week. Thank you, Joe Sam Queen, for agreeing to Co-Sponsor.


 Two Great Reads—for Anti-Frackers:  and Clean Water for NC: See “New Branch of ALEC Seeks to Further Erode Local Authority”

Also, the local MTA site  and OccupyWNC on the web

Keep Your Ears Tuned—Bookmark MTA’s Live Internet Radio:  MoveToAmendReports each Thursday at 5PM PST / 8PM EST. Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies interview Hip Hop pioneer and icon Asia One about her work preserving and promoting the traditional dance, art, and music of Hip Hop culture through the annual B-Boy Summit, an Hip-Hop event encompassing knowledge of the history of Hip-Hop Culture with the skills of breaking or break dancing, also known as B-boying and B-girling.

 Fundraising for Move to Amend via Amazon Smile

Register your purchases at Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County 



Move to Amend’s affiliate in Far Western North Carolina is a partnered-coalition of Occupy WNC and The Canary Coalition. Guests and new members always welcome! The Western NC MTA affiliate meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at the OccupyWNC General Assembly.

Our intent is to be a grassroots movement that is multi-racial, multi-generational, cross-gender orientation and identity, cross-party, cross-class and multi-cultural. Our goal is a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution—nothing less than an end to the US Constitution rights of corporate “Personhood” and to elections where money is NOT “Speech.” Only then, can democracy become legal in the United States.

Next meetings in 2015: Tuesday, March 10thth, at Jackson County Justice Center, Room 246, 401 Grindstaff Road, Sylva NC 28779    The Tuesday, March 24th Meet and Greet is announced above.

 Please sign the petition  to end Corporate Personhood

  Occupiers Rogers and Christopher published and compiled this Newsletter.

Move to Amend Western North Carolina is a local affiliate of the Move to Amend Coalition

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: PO Box 610, Eureka CA 95502 | (707) 269-0984

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