Facilitator —Lucy Christopher Minute taker—______________

1. Silence at beginning followed by Introductions [if newcomers present]

2. Call for Stack – will be added at end of agenda as brief reports

3. New decisions MEC Public Hearing in Western NC-Friday, Sept 12, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM –

  • Garrett Question: Will Occupy (or MtA) have responsibilities? ` If yes; List and get each assigned:
  • Will we put on a Candidate Forum? Before deciding: list of major tasks PLUS names of who takes responsibility for each: Discuss forum AND OTHER uses of PLEDGE to AMEND material and participation: Lucy and Allen speak about various goals suggested. Occupiers need to access which ones we choose and have capability for such a commitment

4 Brief Reports Fracking News – Garrett

5. Financial Report – Collection-Franklin –reported $337.72 balance before collection last time.

6. Facilitator for next meeting (August 26th)

7. Evaluation and personal reflection re this Assembly

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