General Assembly – May 13, 2014

Pre-Assembly Dinner: Mad Batter – Main Street, Downtown Sylva, 5:30 pm

Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, Acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99+1%

Facilitator: Allen   Minute taker:                                  Timekeeper:


Focus and Moment of reflection

Round robin introductions

  1. GUTM report/debriefing
  2. Labor (Post Election Gathering)
  3. Hendersonville meeting
  4. GasLand II – Mountain Perks, 9 Depot St, BS, NC, 5:30 pm, May 28
  5. Meet with Jim Davis
    1. Numbers and data for a positive economic and environmental direction forward:

i.     NC Sustainable Energy Association – http://energync.org

ii.     North Carolina Solar Center- http://ncsc.ncsu.edu/

iii.     Solar Energy Industries Association – http://www.seia.org/

vi.     Energy [R]evolution – A Sustainable USA Energy Outlook:  http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/media-center/reports/energy-revolution-2014/

v.      Energy [R]evolution scenarios http://www.energyblueprint.info

  1. NAACP
  2. Newsletter – publishing and archiving
  3. National Builder
  4. Finance – Geraldine

Stack (other)

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Evaluation – Positive/Negative feedback for future meeting improvement.

Round Robin – emotional feeling check for all!

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