1. Further planning for Greening Up the Mountain
  2. Items or issues to include in the next MTA Newsletter
  3. articles or ideas for www.occupywnc.org website blogs
  4. Discuss other upcoming events
    • labor event: Monday April 28, 2014

Graveside of John E. Jervis-Former Enka President and WNC-CLC President; Green Hills Cemetery-  Leicester Highway- Asheville,NC

  • NAACP Sat May 17th (Liberty Baptist Church) election of officers followed by a public celebration with speakers, entertainment and food.
  • May 24th is meeting in Hendersonville with the HC-CAFE group
  1. Get our calendars coordinated for May (Regular GA’s would be 13th and 27th)
    • should we cancel one of the meetings because of all the extra Saturday events?
  2. Treasury updates?
  3. Next GA facilitator:
  4. Announcements

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