OccupyWNC General Assembly

March 25, 2014 Jackson Justice Ctr, Sylva

Facilitator: Allen L, Time Keeper: __________, Minute Taker: _________ 

Welcome 7:00 PM

How the GA Works: Leaderless Direct Democracy – Everyone is a leader.  Marginalized voices are assured a voice – minorities, women, disabled, and minority views/opinions, etc. Hand Motions – Agree/affirm (up twinkle), Not Sure/OK (hands out twinkle), Not in favor but not blocking (hands down twinkle), Absolute block (arms crossed over chest), Point of Order (triangle with fingers above forehead), Wrap it up/We get it (pointed index finger in circular motion)        

Brief Introductions if there are newcomers-(Round Robin Everyone Participates: Name, Residence, Why you are here)

 Select Minute Taker __________and Time Keeper ______________

                                                                       [Moment of Silence]



  1. Gasland Part 2 debriefing

  2. Help MTA Support Labor – National Labor Relations Board proposed amendment

  3. GUTM

  4. Set time for Occupywnc.org Word Press training

  5. Treasure Report

  6. Stack issues

  7. Facilitator next GA—April 8, 2014

  8. Evaluation (Positive/Negative aspects of meeting for overall OccupyWNC

  9. Feeling check (Round Robin)


Mission Statement: OccupyWNC (WNC-Occupy) is a diverse and non-partisan

coalition that acts to promote economic and social justice for the 99+1%

Open to all people — we are the 99%

Consensus gained through shared leadership

Change systems that benefit the few at the expense of the many

Use all possible non-violent means of action

Prioritize People over Profits

Yes! We are united to preserve our constitutional right to equality



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