Occupy Western North Carolina General Assembly Meeting Minutes for 07.14.15

Meeting commenced 7:10 PM.
Attending were Betty Dishman, John Roiel, Allen Lomax, Garett Lagan, Geraldine Collins, Lucy Christopher, and Ann Hibbard. Dan Waterman joined at 8:07.
1. Meeting Space
Ann and Betty will be a working group to secure a new meeting space to start in September. Ann will contact Dogwood Wellness in Dillsboro and Betty will contact places from on a local CDC facility list.
2. Meet and Greet
The last one in Franklin was fun and effective. Approximately 20 attended including Franklin Mayor Bob Scott and wife. Janice will bring the event evaluation sheet to the next general assembly. The next Meet and Greet is in Bryson City on Saturday September 26th.
3. Treasurer Report
Geraldine reports a balance of $402.49. Opening a bank account was discussed. Agreed was that if done a small local bank will be used. Allen suggested an escrow account to avoid the account holderbeing taxed on the funds in the account. Geraldine will check into local banks to find a free account.
4. Resources of Individual Occupiers Survey

a. Garett suggested organizing a fast food drive through occupy event in Asheville which was met with enthusiasm. He committed to doing so with commitments from attendees to participate and recruit participation from other organizations. Is available once a week.
b. Janice reportedly has a skills inventory we can use.
c. John does data processing, computer programming, engineering planning tasks including cost estimates, is retired and so has time, used to work for the government.
d. Betty does writing, marketing, volunteer recruiting, newsletters, works for the state, and is available a couple times a month.
e. Geraldine does computer graphics but needs a current computer program. She suggests supporting anti-fracking actions of other groups.
f. Lucy has time (is retired;) will be out 6-8 months for a surgery; and has knowledge and expertise with political action, editing and planning. She suggests creating a type of Candidates Issues Forum in cooperation with other groups. She committed to continue to post to email; work with the Move to Amend Working Group; publish the Occupy WNC newsletter; and be part of it all.
g. Allen supports educational programs and more use of Story Lines. He commits to four movie nights in the next 12 months; keep the website updated; and to participate in general.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.
The next general assembly will be August 28th in the Justice Building at the usual time.
In Loving Service,

Ann Hibbard

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