Minutes: General Assembly –June 9, 2015
Facilitator: Allen               Minute taker Mike rogers                  Timekeeper:Betty D.

Meeting & Greet – Janice, et al :
The Second event is in 2 weeks, in Macon Co., at the Rathskeller Coffe House. Posters availale. Menu. She will make apps, and submit for her costs. Owner’s (Natasha will be there) are very excited. 6pm set up. Event at 7. Lucy will send out press release/community calendar notices.
3rd event will be in Swain.

What will OccupyWNC being doing for the next 12 months?
Allen: Discussion of article by Bill Moyer (8 stages of a Movement Action Plan).
A mathemematical model shows that B. Sanders is likely to win the next Presidental seat.
Joan: Educate the public regarding things that affect them.
Geraldyne: Get the vote out
Avram: We got MTA in 5 towns and J. County; this wouldn’t have happened 5 yrs ago. Keep it up. We are doing the right thing and can’t stop doing so. Get Sylva! MTA touches all topics.
Joan: Public Hearing for voter’s this Thursday 5-7 at the Elections Board on Skyland in Sylva.
Geraldyne: Keep on with the No Fracking
Janice: Education via celebrating our successes. Education is more than getting the resolution passed, but to hold the commissioner’s etc to act on their resolution to communicate the message.
Garret: gave out handouts that help him keep the big picture and not burn out .
Allen: Let’s pick up in July and begin planning the process to implement our ideas stated here.
Allen: An assignment: Think about the 3rd hand out by Garrent (attached at end of minutes), the Resources/Activities/outputs flow chart. Be ready to comment on each topic.

Fund raising ideas
Table this until we develop our plan of action

Old Business
Meeting location: Need to act on this soon, as this very well may be our last time here. Possible viable solution recommended by Connie and supported by Betty and Anne is the “Open Door for Spiritual Living”. Betty and Anne will follow up.

Treasurer (collection & report): Balance before collection: $354.99

Other Reports
SolarizeWNC: Next presentation is 6/10/2015 in Highlands
Mountain Stream TV: Secured domain Name of “MountainStreamTV.org and other extenstions
Next Mtg is Jyn 18 at the Dogwood Wellness Center at 7 pm.
Example of programming: The Janice Show: Story Telling .
Trans Pacific Partnership (Fast Track): Contact your Congressman
NAACP: Sept 27, Fund Raiser; July 13 is a march in Winston Salem re: Supreme Court ruling to NC to rehear Redistricting Challenge.
Dr Barber is on of the plaintiffs.

Facilitator for July 14, 2015: Garret

Assignment: Consider and comment on each topic below:

occupywnc assignment


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