Minutes — Occupy WNC General Assembly – May 26, 2015
Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99+1%
Facilitator: Allen, Minute taker: Lucy
Present: Avram, John, Ray, Allen, Janice, Joan, Lucy
Action Items
• Meet & Greet. Joan reported event plans for June 23rd in Franklin re conversations with owner re refreshments and set up agreements. Discussion about word ‘Free’ on poster. Being reprinted and Occupy will be asked to reimburse $15.27. Joan will send menu and ask for help in providing appetizers for event. There was question from Janice as whether needed a handout for the attendees from Macon. Allen says need goals and objectives clarified*to do that.
• Voter Registration Jackson County. Lucy and John reported on follow up work done since Daily Kos article that reported significant statewide drop-off in voter registration since McCrory took office in 2013. John is continuing to look at public documents; he asked Lucy to seek info from Jackson DSS re actual number of client applications from 2015-2014. Not clear what if any action Occupy would be involved in. (Local significance is the PA offices in Jackson reported a 90 percent decline in voter registration from their applicants.) Lucy also noted a similar lack of compliance in Jackson reported in Herald last week on Steep Slope Regulations.
Old Business
• Fundraising ideas*Mostly spurred by Janice: play, fashion show (men in women’s clothes), wine-tasting, raffle as in jar at business for item which is replaced after each drawing, film screening, etc.
o Brave New World Movies-old suggestion for fundraiser…keep on list
• Meeting location –Geraldine had checked at: (1) Cullowhee Rec- No Tuesdays available, Maybe Wed. Need to apply in writing for this. (2)Connie called to say Barbara Jeffries church on Skyland might be available. Jeffries will check with her board; OWNC might need to make a $10 per month for the twice/month for 2 meetings (utilities; seems a possibility. Avram suggested Board of Election bldg. and will follow up with BOE—also on Skyland.
Treasurer (collection of $23 to add (+ former balance_______) = new balance of $______ .
Other Reports • SolarizeWNC –Avram reported that 5th Public Forum will be in Canton at St. Andrews Episcopal at seven pm, Thurs. May 28th, and at Jackson County Commissioners on Tues., June 16, in an effort to install solar on some of the county buildings. The sixth forum will be in Highlands on June 10 at Hudson Library. On Saturday, August 1, a Solarize WNC Party at Innovation Brewery, in Sylva, will announce the production of the new Solarize beer being brewed to publicize Solarize WNC.
• Oldest Person Birthday Evaluation –Lucy forgot the evaluation summation—will bring to next GA.

• Mountain Stream TV-Another fast moving CC effort that Occupy is supporting-the promo doc is almost done and Avram also reported meeting with person in Asheville who will report on action groups there and will send his reports to Mountain Stream for showing.
• Trans Pacific Partnership (Fast Track) now in house. Allen thinks much harder to pass there. Occupiers were sent info today via Yahoo Groups and mail chimp listserv’s.
. NAACP- Voter ID Workshop, May 29, 6-8 PM, Jackson County Library Community Room: Presentations on: impacts of Voting ID in NC, History of voting rights in NC. Updates of Legal Challenges and preparing for NC BOE Regional Public Hearing on June 11, 5-7 PM. Hearing will focus on proposed voter ID rules. (Jackson Co. Board of Elections Office, Skyland Services Center) • Moral March in Winston-Salem, July 13th. The federal court will hear North Carolina NAACP v McCrory, our lawsuit to reverse North Carolina’s unconstitutional voter suppression law.
Facilitator for June 9, 2015 – Allen (again!!) Volunteers needed to put petition signatures into a spreadsheet. Lucy will send lists to John who agreed to work on this. *Assignments for everyone to work on for next meeting: (1) One idea each for fundraising or fleshing out ideas mentioned above (2) Each person answer this question to bring for discussion: Where is Occupy going? What is our goal; how do you propose we get there?

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