OCCUPY WNC General Assembly MINUTES for April 14, 2015

Welcome to Betty Dishman, Ann Hibbard and Bob Gaddis. It was great to have you come check us out at Occupy this past Tuesday night. Your input added perspective and is much appreciated. We hope you will return often and meet the rest of us; and they, you!

Action Items

• MTAdiscussed the Move to Amend Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Sent survey summary of our prep for MOU answers (second attachment) to National MTA Office. If misrepresented, let me know and will try to edit before Conf. call 4/28/15.
• Meet & Greet – Discussed how we can improve next M&G’s based on first. More in depth discussion of Work Groups, better welcome, etc.: June M&G-Joan hosting at Rathskeller Restaurant (in Franklin on Tues., June 23rd at seven pm) August M&G-Amy hosting at Morgan Creek Park, Bryson City 4-8(?-TBD)
• Greening Up the Mountains—decided not to pursue this year (2015).
• Mountain Stream TV– amazing progress, including recent contact w/ David Smith who is agreeing to volunteer his managerial experience to get MSTV started. Sponsors or partner ID being worked out to have a part in policy making. Occupy (Garrett, Connie, Ray, Allen w/Avram of course) working on planning stage and intends to be involved at the____ Level.
• Trans Pacific Partnership ~ Fast Track – Need letters to Editor’s written ASAP! Congress likely will act in April and May. Time is short. Discussed using Brave New Films as an admission event – to educate and draw attention to TPP. No decision or action plan reached.
• Three provisions of the Patriot Act expire on June 1st: Section 215, the “Lone Wolf provision,” and the “roving wiretap” provision. (https://fight215.org) Contact our Rep in DC to speak against these being renewed.

Old Business

• Fundraising ideas:
1. Brave New Films– Garrett reintroduced these free movies. No decision. [info post GA from Garrett: Although I was thinking we could go ahead and plan out a program for holding events centered around the MTA Ed. materials like we talked about a year or so ago.

• Meeting location – tabled for time. [Spoke to custodian on way out and he noted date of July 1st as set for construction. Says will need to hire a guard if have meetings at night. Wonder who would be asked to pay. ] Suggestion submitted herewith. Eat and Meet at John’s Signature Brew. Ask John about reserving two tables at back of room, 2 Tuesdays a month. Nine pm closing would be a built in monitor. Yes, the noise factor, but maybe we draw newcomers—maybe young folks.

• Treasurer Report –collected $17. Geraldine says to report that “Current balance is $195.49.”

STACK (Announcements)

• Swain Coalition against Fracking – getting reactivated at Nantahala Brewing, Bryson City on April 26th @4pm. • NAACP – also in Mountain Stream planning. Janice reported that membership discussed getting out of comfort zone and visiting community churches, asking for space for programs, etc.

• SolarizeWNC – 52 at recent event in Franklin. Next is Waynesville (1st United Methodist, April 21st @ 7pm. • Lobby Day on April 28th needs volunteers. CC providing transportation to support several upcoming bills. In meantime need emails and calls to your House and Senate representatives to support:

(1) Efficient and Affordable Energy Rates Bill, 2013 (S362 /H401)

(2) H54/S447 to extend Solar Tax Credit Bills—both set to 12/31/15) Would take 35% tax credit thru’ 2021

(3)Energy Freedom Act (H245) to keep energy generating sites—including solar arrays— installed to supply homes from being regulated by NC Utilities Commission. (Possible to avoid up-front installation costs. Customers, instead pay on monthly rent-to-own basis.)

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