Minutes—Occupy WNCs’ March 8, 2016 General Assembly

Cory Lomax facilitated and opened the GA with Allen, Avram, Joan, Franklin, Ann and Lucy also in attendance. Issues discussed below:f

A. Corporations Ain’t People

Avram reported on the Statewide group reps proposed:

1. ENACT We the People” Ballot Measure in North Carolina:                                                               Sec. I—basically the same as the MTA Resolution. Sec. 2— “Findings” (why are we doing this?) The wording of the 8 findings which were taken from those of Washington state’s similar measure, found online; the details are same as reported last GA with 1 additional “Finding.”. Sec. 3—Policy and Promotion, Sec. 4 Recommendations to Congress, Sec. 5—Recommendations to NC State Legislature, Sec 6—Directions to Secretary of State, Sec 7—Construction, Sec. 8—Severability. Sec. 9— The new ninth finding is wording taken from Article I, Section II of the NC Constitution. There was no objection or suggested addition by the General Assembly.                                                                                          

 2. Timeline of actions and deadlines which must be realistic—are proposed to get other organizations across state to co-sponsor by end of June; secondly to end petition gathering between July 1st & 31st and, third, to get legislators ID’d to introduce in General Assembly between June 31, ‘15 and March 1, 2016.  The ENACT sub group’s thinking is that paper petitions are best to present to legislators, but the Occupy discussion ensued with favorable reasons to use online petitions.

3. Publicity There has been considerable discussion by committee on how best to handle publicity. Cory suggested an online website. Discussion ensued by Occupiers as how best to simulate a legalized (on paper) online petition.

B. Candidate Forum: Date, location, sponsors, letter to candidates, etc.

  1. Dates in order of preference: October 6 & 13, Sept. 29 & Oct. 6, October 13 & 20.
  2. Location – group leaning to Myers Auditorium at SCC—Lucy will contact Renea Winchester and file the registration application.
  3. Sponsors: Avram will re-approach Scott McLeod, 2 Jackson County newspapers (Herald and Chronicle), discouragement of three area county papers, Avram since meeting had misgivings re Lucy’s idea of two political parties as sponsors.
  4. Letters to candidates: Can we do this before the Hill/Bryson vote in June? Or, go ahead and invite the County Commission Candidates and both the US. Hours of Reps, indicating “if elected.”
    1. Problem: Lucy thought she had the previous letter to use as model, but cannot find it.

C.  Treasurer’s Report: Cory reported $461.09 + ___collected on 3/8 –  $18 total of $498.09


  1. Stack – Solar Disobedience Project                                                                                                     Following is a brief summary of a project that will be discussed in detail many times if Occupy decides to become a sponsor and to work in this coalition.  


Avram reported on a new coalition of still progressive environmental groups which are working to create a non-profit organization that would call out—or break Duke Energy’s stranglehold on rates on Solar Production.  By enlisting a large number of contractors, the group would minimize the legal risk to each single contractor. They have a number of legal advisors at their disposal as they development these plans.


The question for Occupy is to decide if we would become involved as supporter, sponsor, or member of the coalition on this project.


  1. Facilitator on March 22: Joan volunteered



Submitted by Lucy C.