Meeting Minutes for February 24th(postponed due to weather), March 10, 2015

Facilitator: Connie
Minute taker: Mike Rogers

Introductions if anyone new is present.
Moment of silence.
Request for stack.

Old News:
Brave New World movie dates. Garrett

• Tabled for next meeting

MTA Avram & Allen

• A State Resolution with 20 to 24 sponsors has been introduced at the state level
• The MTA MOU (memorandum of understanding) was discussed. There are definitely reservations about signing the document. Table topic for April 14th GA meeting. Bring your questions. We shall set our groups conference call to National MTA for April 28, Wed at 2 pm. This will be a time to voice our specific concerns.
• Suggested we should write a white paper describing our groups stance on Corp. Personhood, aka “the amendment”

Meet & Greet. Janice and committee

• Discuss upcoming March 24th event: Last week the 2nd press release was put together. Joan has agreed to send out to media, which should include Community Calendars.
• Handouts for the event given to meeting attendees. Please sign the card before giving to friends to be invited for a fabulous drawing! Set up Facebook event everyone!
• Menu to consider: Light snack, veggie tray, Chips and Salsa, Coffee and Tea. Approved to spend $150 from treasury on this.
• Arrive at event at 6pm March 24 to help set up. Event starts at 7.

Greening Up of the Mountains. Geraldine

• Concern there will not be enough people to run, setup/teardown booth. Tabled until next meeting.

Treasurer’s report. Geraldine

• Took in $36 in new donations at meeting

Fundraising ideas, minimum 1 per person

• Flea market table
• Offer services at an event (hair cutting, facepainting, etc.)
• Chocolate Fantasia –get local restaurants to contribute favorite choclolate item, sell tickets
• Gala

Meeting Locations. Geraldine

• Still concerns we might lose the current location.
• Inquire at your churches etc for possible new meeting place
Update on NAACP & Black History Month activities. Janice/Lucy
• Was a great event. Great story telling event of history.

Progress on TV station. Avram

• Expect a survey to help with direction


• Add to next Agenda: Janice’s Member Survey results

Next Facilitator

• Allen Lomax

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