Minutes for February 15, 2015
Facilitator: Geraldine
Minute taker: Connie
Old Business:
Garrett reported that the NASW would be showing several of the Brave New Films in the future.

New Business:
• Avram and Allen presented a report on the statewide summit held at the Unitarian Church in Asheville. Avram says a committee has been formed to create a finalized resolution for state level. And there is progress underway for a lobby day on Wednesday Feb. 25th in Raleigh where there will be effort to bring legislators on board. There will also be a press conference and press release on the same day.
• Janice and her committee reported on plans for the meet and greets. The first one will be on March 24th at Signature Brew at 7PM. Two more announcements will go out. Raymond is sending the first and Garrett has volunteered to do future announcements. Amy reported on plans for displaying info about Occupy at the meet and greets.
• Geraldine asked if we wanted to be involved with Greening Up of The Mountains this year. Garrett says we did generate a lot of interest within the community. This topic will be brought up again for further discussion.
• Geraldine reported that the treasury collected $39 last time, has a total of $172. There was much discussion, and it was voted on and approved to raise the cap on the treasury to $1,000.
• There was much discussion on possible locations for future meetings, since we have not been able to get a promise to continue meeting at the Justice Center. Everyone agreed we’d really like to find a permanent location rather than change location too often, as that way people can find us.
• We voted to each come back with a minimum of one fund-raising idea for the next meeting.
• Janice announced that the NAACP was planning programs for Black History month at Liberty Baptist on February 21st.
• Avram reported planning is underway for the new TV station. The next meeting will be March 5th at the Canary Coalition office.
• It was reported that the Solarize Program is to help with clean energy for us. The next meeting will be February 19th at the Canary Coalition office.
• Allen reported that student loan debt should have bankruptcy protection returned to it. We should write congress to approve HR 449.
• The next facilitator will be Connie

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