General Assembly – August 8, 2017 (7:00 pm)

Pre-Assembly Dinner: Sneak E Squirrel (6:00 pm)


Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, Acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99%

Facilitator:  Allen                      Minute taker:  Allen                               Timekeeper:  Brad


Focus and Moment of reflection

Round robin introductions

  • Present: Joan, Franklin, Lucy, Brad, Avram, Allen, Cory, Garrett, Diane, John

Report: We the People


  • Lucy’s report –
    • Cory will make an appointment and he and Lucy will meet with the WCU official(s) in charge of investing.
    • Avram will contact Cannon to make arrangements for him to meet with Occupy.
  • WCU Student organization involvement
    • After gathering investment information and meeting with Cannon, further strategies will be developed to organize and mobilize student activists

NC People’s Assembly

  • Garrett continues making contacts. Diane volunteered to make contact with the Waynesville group.

Mountain Stream TV

  • The first broadcast of the Occupy program was produced and is now archived and available on MountainStream.TV
  • Diane and Cory volunteered to assist with website and other technical issues.
  • Diane offered to provide visuals from her extensive photo files.

Valley Ballyhoo

  • August 19 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
  • Set-up can begin as early as 3:00 pm
  • Allen will register for a reserved space for OccupyWNC
  • Brad and Cory will man the table
  • Diane will provide the table – Lucy will pick-up Diane’s table.
  • Allen will arrange for fliers, literature, and banner(s)
  • Allen will provide chairs

Treasury Report $382.75

Stack (other)

Next GA Facilitator    Lucy


  • Please Note: There are no more tables available for Valley Ballyhoo. If you would like to register to Bring Your Own Table or be placed on the Waiting List, please go through the registration process by clicking the “Register Today” button at the top of the page! 
  • All registrations must be done online and are first-come first-served.
  • Specific requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.
  • There are no sales or solicitations of any kind allowed at Valley Ballyhoo. Only information and giveaways are permitted.
  • Power is not available for Valley Ballyhoo tables.
  • Tents will not be provided but you may bring one so long as it is small enough to cover only your table and not interfere with the group next to you. Maximum tent size allowed is 10’x10′. You MUST also bring weights for your tent or you will be asked to take it down.
  • For each WCU Department and Recognized Student Organization who registers, ONE table and TWO chairs will be provided at no cost. We cannot provide additional tables or chairs due to limited resources. For off-campus and community organizations/vendors who register, ONE table and TWO chairs will be provided at a cost of $15.00 OR you may bring ONE table (8′ or smaller) and up to two chairs for no charge.
  • Only ONE table per registered group is allowed; this applies to ALL groups. Requests for additional tables or chairs for a single group will NOT be granted.
  • Animals are not allowed at the event as part of an exhibit.
  • The layout of tables is organized to optimize the flow of attendants at the event. Table preferences/requests will be honored when possible but are NOT guaranteed.
  • Registrants may arrive to begin setting up their table no earlier than 3:00pm the day of the event. Check-in will not be available before 3:00pm. You MUST bring a PRINTED copy of your confirmation email to check-in.