General Assembly – July  25th, 2017 @ Sneake Squirrel

Pre-Assembly Dinner:  Sneake Squirrel  6:00 PM

Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99%

Facilitator:  GArrett                      Minute Taker:   Ann                        Timekeeper:   Lucy


Focus and Moment of reflection


Att:  Garrett, Joan, Dan, Miku, Brad, Dainne, Avraam, Lucy, Allen, Cory, Ann, John , Yumiko (Franklin came in late.)

  1. NC We the People: Avraam  gives an over view. Currently have 27 partner organizations. WTP has been invited by Mars Hill College to present on Sept. 26th (Thursday) 7:30 PM. with guaranteed good crowd of about 200. Edy Thompson.  Several folks will be fed dinner if we go. A meeting with the Franklin Press and Canary Coalition is in the works toward getting editorials from the editor into the press. Pointed out that one must be a voting citizen of NC to sign the petition.


  1. Divestment: Collaboration with colleges: Brad is researching club interest at WCU and will do better after classes start in late August. Valley Ballyhoo must be a school club to have a table? Will check and get back but there is a fee. Lucy has contacted Cherokee Center at Western but no hear back yet.


  1. People’s General Assembly (Name?) (2018) Reps and Senators will be sent to the Assembly according to the groups who send them already decided. Work now centers on recruiting groups to participate. Garrett asks for help reaching out to groups. For instance what does the group need from us to convince them to send a rep.  Needed is a central or steering committee or politburo to makw the thing go.

Working group:

Garrett, Dianne, Dan, and Brad to recruit “write your own legislation!”


  1. Mountain Stream TV :

. Avram summarized the shows airing so far.

Ann volunteered to head a working group to have an Occupy Western North Carolina TV show.

Dianne, Joan, Ann

OWNC will have a 30 min. TV shoe every first Tuesday of the Month at 2:00 to discuss what OMNC has done in the past month. Ann committed to have copies of the minutes from the previous month and to have a printout of the website blurb about what OWNC is.


  1. Stack
  2. climate resolution

Joan reports that the Town of Franklin and Macon County commissioners have passed the resolution: A  public statement of support for sustainable or renewable energy. Go to The Solutions Project.Org See   and  enter your state to see the resolution. This is huge because that is a generally Republican area.


  1. Treasurer Report: Cory

Hat today:  $43.00               New Current amount:  $322.00


Date:    August 8, 2017

Facilitator:  Allen

Minutes taker:  Garrett