General Assembly – June 13, 2017
Pre-Assembly Dinner: Sneak E. Squirrel, 5:30 PM
Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, to promote social and economic equality for the 99% 
Facilitator:  Lucy                       Minute taker: Ann                              Timekeeper: Lucy
Focus and Moment of reflection 
1.      WTP
Avram: New partners. So many that a whole page need be added to the petition.
      1115 signatures so far.  Need to get WTP spread out of WNC into the rest of the state.
      Lucy will send Roy Cooper’s office email. Work toward influencing him to get behind the bills.
      Plug away at attention to the two bills.
      WTP website is reaching its cap of 600/day for sending emails to rules committee. Cory will find out if
      $$ 200 is enough to up the cap and the group approved to go forward. Next conference call June 18,
      2017 at 7:30.  
2.   Divest and Invest
       Lucy is researching students participating in protesting the investments of WCU. Faculty advisors
      should be contacted before fall when students come did. Cory suggests a sit
      down with WCU board members to find out what exactly where they are invested before fall when
      students come back.
Stack Items:
       a. Mountain Stream TV: Has bought equipment . . . green screen and everything. Kelsey ODonnal the
       intern is dynamite. Almost ready to start broadcasting. Will OWNC have a regular show? Mountain
      Stream TV was approved to be on the regular agenda. Can be viewed by going to MOuntainstream.tv
      to find links to live feed and archived videos on demand.
      b. Possible change dinner time
     Group approves moving supper to 6:00.  Note to change website and Facebook page. Meeting still
     starts at 7:00.
WAKE UP Canary Coalition Annual Membership Gathering: Thursday July 6th at Library Enrique/NAACP; Chelsea White/Progressive Nation; Lauren Baxly/Indisible Common Ground; Allen Lomax/WTP; Thomas Rain Crow/progressive poetry; Mark Case/AFL.CIO;
Treasury: $476.23
Expense of $140 for NCWTP website coming up
Hat:  $31