Facilitator: Allen                      Minute taker:   Diane                             Timekeeper:


Ann, Cory, Allen, Lucy, Ray, Diane, Joan, John, Franklin

Focus and Moment of reflection

Ann:  Point of order (hand sign of triangle) to help not to interrupt.

Round robin introductions of new people.   Any stack topics?

  1. Place link www.ncwethepeople.org on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media.

Letter went out to all partners.  Partners have been divided between the volunteer phone callers.  Lucy sent out updates of partners to all callers.

  1. Plans for January 2nd Occupy Report

Can’t get Meadows or other Republicans to appear.  Suggestion to contact local Republican Party to either speak or contact their representatives.  Lucy stressed that local RP to influence candidates to come.

Discussion on length of program and how to keep 1/2 hour.

(Dr. Steven Woodsmall from Transylvania County is new candidate for Democrats.)

1st choice is Meadows’ surrogate (same 7 questions), 2nd choice is Avram on climate (Duke Power)

Cory will be 3rd person.

  1. NC Peoples’ Assembly – 2018 – Garrett (not here)
  2. Which two main issues will be our 2018 focus?
    1. Work on law pertaining to energy monopoly. Already in legislature.  Lucy’s not sure if we would want to work on another hard, long term project.
    2. * Still committed to NC We the People
    3. Voter Suppression – support other groups
    4. John’s food coop
    5. Fresh food to needy
  1. Treasure’s Report – Cory

$446.75 tonight after $14.00 collected from last week

  1. Stack
  2. Facilitator on January 9th – Lucy