Minutes 11.14.17

General Assembly        November 14, 2017 (7:00 pm)

Pre-Assembly Dinner: Sneak E Squirrel (6:00 pm)

Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, Acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99%

Facilitator: Joan              Minute taker: Lucy/Ann               Timekeeper:

Focus and Moment of reflection

  1. Report: We the People

Need  to contact all endorsing organizations. Avram:  Building public support is still important. Allen and Lucy have suggested a fallow time. Diane suggests celebrating our successes as a way to remind folks we are still efforting. Ann suggests  a letter be send via email to each sponsoring org with two parts : 1. List things to celebrate and 2. list things to be done to further the momentum. Diane has volunteered to write the letter and get it approved by OWNC. Avram will let the WTP steering committee know that we are doing this action. Lucy has updated the list of sponsoring orgs and contact info for each.

Still need a place to put a check that has been donated. Suggest that the person re-write the check to enable the money to be used by WTP.


  1. Campus Divestment : Brad and the reporter from the The Western Carolinian were the only students at the meeting on campus. The article came out? The reporter wrote on the Occupy Facebook page asking for more into on the divestment campaign of Occupy. Cory will respond giving an overview of what the effort is about.

Joan suggests going through Brad to engage the environmental club next year.

Will be continue this project next year?

  1. Mountain Stream TV – update

Avram: Need more content and more help in the studio. News from the Roots is on every day at 9:00 AM. Need more coverage of everyday events with a video camera. Ray volunteered to cover Swain county. Lucy reminded Avram to use his list of interesting folks to interview that we made way back when Mountain Stream was in planning stages.

All folks on shows need to be told to speak up so they can be heard on the mics that are available.

Ann: 1st Tuesday Program number 4 has been recorded and posted on line. Subject for next show:  Group agrees to have a round table discussion of the same questions covered in the interviews of the Price and Donaldson surrogates. Joan and Corey have volunteered to be on the panel. Ann will invite Meadows to send a surrogate for the Jan. show.

Stack (other)



Treasury Report     $415.75 before hat.    $432.75 after hat.

Select next GA Facilitator: Lucy

Next meeting is Nov. 28th