4OWNC  Minutes 07.12.16

Att: Allen, Ann, Avram, Cory, Franklin, Joan, Lucy

1. We the People (Name of statewide organization fielding the petition)
Avram:  A conference call occured but easy not productive. Another one will take place 07.24.16. Suggested OWNC proceed without help if none is forthcoming.
a. Recruit sponsors. Joan is recruiting the NC League of Women Voters as a sponsor.
b. Start collecting signatures
c. Press release and press conference
d. Secure a PO Box to receive petitions

2. Candidate Issues Forum
Decisions to be made: a. Develop questions for both forums b. How many A’s and how are they to be screened c. timetable of actions d. contact Roy re sound system for both events e. volunteers for set up and clean up.
Joan will provide coffee service after each forum

3. Naloxone:  Joan reports Macon Co. EMS uses. City police have discussed but don’t use. Police informed by Joan about the Lazarus Project to fund its use.
4. Stack:
Changing meeting time was discussed and tabled.
5. Treasurer Report:  Cory: See Cory. What passed and added to total.
6. Next meeting 07.26.16 Joan facilitates
Thank you, Ann