OWNC GA Minutes 02.23.16          7:00-8:30

Att:  Allen, Ann, Abram, Cory, Leslie, Lucy

  1. Ballot Measure (Avram reporting:)

CAP met with other groups statewide. Meeting by Skype is helpful. Greenville group not coalesced yet. Statewide groups meeting should have a name by May.

The resolution is termed an Advisory Note by NC Congress since there is no official ballot initiative. This is more likely to reach the public for a vote with bipartisan support than a bill introduced to congress since a congress person does not have to claim responsibility.

The petition process is used as it is educational and offers more opportunity for live discussion. The petition draft is modeled on the one used by Washington State adding appropriate wording from the NC State Constitution.

A timeline has been proposed with an aim to the 2017 Long Session. The next statewide meeting is 04.16.16 after which a finalized draft will be offered to individual groups for approval.


  1. General discussion of which candidates/elections in the near future might have platforms/issues in line with OCWNC philosophy.


  1. Democracy Day (Allen reporting:)

A faculty member in Political Science at Western will be approached by Allen to secure for us the use of the Grand Room on campus. Political Science student participation would enable two events for both lower and higher level elections without too many questions and candidates. Each sponsor might pose a question and each candidate would answer.  10 sponsors  discussed as the optimum number.  The actual number and selection of questions is not finalized. Lucy and Avram are contacting sponsors.


  1. Treasurer Report (Cory:)

AS of today there is $480.09. We have a cap of $1000.


  1. Next Meeting: Date-03.08.16 Facilitator-Garrett


Respectfully,    Ann