Facilitator:  Ann                       Minute taker:   Allen                               Timekeeper:




Focus and Moment of reflection

Round robin introductions

  1. Pledge to Amend


Janice has been sick and no action take


  1. TPP


No up date


  1. 15 an hour Dem and Rep debate update


Debate watch party at WCU several students and about 30 other attendees.  The students picked up all of the bumper stickers and were very enthused about the up-coming election.


  1. Corporations Aint People (CAP) state wide meeting.


This Saturday 1/30.  Avram and others going from Sylva, several from Asheville, and Charlotte


  1. CAP Sylva Resolution


Sylva Town Council unanimously passed the resolution.  Lucy has sent a thank you letter and follow-up information to the town clerk for Mayoral signature, appropriate filing, and sending the information onto our state assembly representatives.  Ann suggested  and is sending thank you notes to the Council members.


  1. Candidate Forum


No progress.  Allen will contact the political science department at WCU to inquire about possible co-sponsorship.


  1. NAACP no update


  1. Treasurer – Cory has accepted the Treasurer position


Account balance $455.09


  1. Stack (other)


Will we do Greening Up the Mountain this year?

Passing the Basket should be on the agenda


  1. Select next GA Facilitator

Cory to facilitate 2/9/16.


Adjourn 7:47.