OWNC Meeting Minutes for 01.12.16
Present: Ann, Allen, Avram, Cory, Garrett, and Ray
Agenda item 3. $15/hr drive through evaluation:
Allen relayed that Lucy reminded us to do an evaluation. Garrett reported: All goals met except # of drivers. Justin, an organizer from Raise Up 15 reported that the drive through employees liked it. Press coverage was good including a letter to the editor of ???. A nice coalition of activist groups formed and participated. We were invited to do it again in Asheville and also in Franklin. Raise Up 15 made a $15 donation to OWNC in response to this action. We are now always invited to join Raise Up 15 in their events such as going to the Rep. and Dem. debates on the 13th. and 17th. Jan. Drive through managers were annoyed enough to man their own drive through windows after the fourth car. Their response of “no solicitation allowed” contradicted the boxes soliciting donations that hung outside the drive through windows. The YouTube video of the action has had over 100 views. (Ann is now adding that the timing was good the weekend after national demonstrations for raising the minimum wage.)
Agenda item 1. Pledge to Amend:
Allen relayed a suggestion from Janice that all candidates be requested to pledge. Allen suggested waiting until after the primaries have narrowed the field.
Agenda item 2. TTP
Allen reports that the Trans Pacific Partnership has been made. Now it has to go through congress. There were demonstrations against it on the day the President signed. Other countries involved may oppose it even if the US supports it.
Agenda item 4. Corporations Ain’t People (CAP)
The statewide meeting is in Charlotte, Jan. 30. 3-4 groups will meet to strategize on introducing the resolution to the state and how to use it as an educational tool.
Agenda item 5. CAP Sylvia Resolution
Avram reports that Sylva City Board of Commissioners are seemingly enough in favor to support it but that Mayor Sossamon has been avoidant of the subject. February is the aimed for time to put it before the board.
Agenda item 6. Candidate Forum
Allen asserted it is not too soon to start planning. Needed are a date and location. Garrett mentioned that invitations should go out ASAP after primaries to secure candidate attendance. Avram suggested bringing back the former coalition and expanding that cautiously so as not to become too unwieldy. Named groups who sponsored the event before were Smoky Mountain News, League of Women Voters, Canary Coalition, and OWNC. Garrett suggested National Association of Social Workers NC Branch. Caution was urged to keep it non-partisan. A working group with a chair should be formed. October is suggested as the time for which to plan.
Agenda item 7. NAACP update:
A bus to Raleigh on the 13th is organized for the Rep. debate. There is a trip to attend HK on J in March which costs $35.50 round trip. This is to protest voter suppression on which NC is #1. There is a Martin Luther King Day celebration at Bridge Park in Sylva the 18th.
Agenda item 8. Mountain Stream TV update
Avram reports they are regrouping with funds held by Canary Coalition whose board wants to absorb it and get it going in-house before making offerings. The goal is to be its own server which requires bandwidth. Cory offered to help.
Agenda item 9. Treasure Report
Geraldine has resigned and turned the funds over to Allen but no treasurer has been named. Allen reports approximately $3-400.00 in the fund. There is no bank account. Ann and Cory expressed willingness. Cory is handier since the $$ is already where he lives.
Agenda item 10. Stack
Ann reminded that Janice has suggested we act on the fact that Court of Appeals judges are mostly put in place by corporations who loose in the publicized court cases but then appeal. Garrett? Avram? reminded that the NAACP website has a “scorecard” with information on Court of Appeals judges positions on issues which we could use as an educational tool. Cory reports that the information is dense and not easily interpreted. It was agreed to keep this subject on the agenda going forward.
Ann agreed to facilitate the January 26th OWNC meeting.
I am not remembering clearly who said what so please correct me if this is not right.
Ann Hibbard