Minutes from Meeting, added to Agenda:
Notes taken by M. Rogers

JANUARY 27 , 2015

Facilitator : Dem Bones Minute Taker : ______________ Timekeeper : ________________

Note first and foremost that I do not intend to stay any later than 8:45 P.M. for this meeting. So, if there needs to be a second facilitator on queue, feel free to speak up now.

I will, for this time around, abdicate any moments of reflection. Therefore, let’s transgress.

There are voices existing in the deep caverns of my psychic environment that continue to tell me the tone of Occupy is set around a cohesive unit of cooperation. It therefore appears to be the case that it is not so much about who is who, but rather about the adhesion of all those involved. Therefore, are round robin introductions really necessary in the long run to foster change? May the members of the set simply remain anonymous.

Let the very first item of this agenda be a call to stack. Therefore, if there is a definitive rise in topics that have yet to be discussed and that are considered to be worthy of future quarrel, then by all means, spit out the results.
1. Garrett’s Movie list:
a. Show @ library. Other venues?
b. Use to raise money?
2. TPP: Event coming up in NY. Missed event in Asheville
3. New Security @ Courthouse. Consider new venue for GA meetings?
a. Will it make some reluctant to come to meetings?
b. Consider Community Service BLDG. Geraldine will contact Carrie to check on. Discuss more in future.
4. GUTM (Greening up the mountains): Taking applications now (earlier than last year)
a. Geraldine will get latest updates and share with group

Let the second item of this agenda be a call to anything having to do with the Leadership Retreat.
Janice: Is this something we should consider a study of? Do we need it?What would it be? Broader scope to include general organizing, for the whole group? Example: The Mountain
1. Connie volunteers to look into work group, but not until May/June timeframe.

Let the third item of this agenda be a call to anything having to do with the most recent Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration that recently took place, in accord with the NAACP.
Avram gave review: See video. A good gathering. Made front page (above the fold!) Sylva Herald. Developed ties to University – possible student NAACP in future. 3 Trucks of Food delivered to Community Table! The group suggested doing a letter to Editor to commend this from the very new NAACP group.

Let the fourth item of this agenda be a call to anything that might have risen in the seemingly continuous movement of the Move to Amend experience, an experience that appears to have no end in sight, becoming much like the infinite realms of space.
Statewide summit at Unitarian Church in Asheville @ 2pm This Sat
Question: As an affiliate what do we have to do?
• Online meeting monthly
• Want us to do the education program they provide
• Monthly report of activities relating to MTA to headquarters
• It is a 501c4-unlimited lobbying, not tax deductable

Let the fifth item of this agenda be a call to anything having to do with the Quarterly Newcomer Greet and Meet.
Amy- Recommends for Macon event to consider Morgan Pavillian rather than Deep Creek. Date is not set yet.
Mike-The date is set for March 24. We still need to choose a venue. Options are City Lights, Signature Brewing or The Community RM at the Jackson Library
Janice: Press release with a picture. Next one to be mid Feb to include dates, and then finally a 3rd in March for J.Co. details.
Amy is doing the history/storyboard/bragbook.
Let the sixth item of this agenda be a call to any further discussion, if any, regarding the coordination of statewide groups.
This was covered under the previous MTA topic
Let the seventh item of this agenda be a call to any budget and financial proposals or issues, as well as the National Leadership Summit.
Not much said. Doesn’t seem to be a top priority at this time.

That is going to have to be it. I doubt there will be available any further temporal extensions for further discussion that I could possibly be a part of. But, if anyone else feels in doing so, feel free to do add any extra thoughts.

Lastly, decide who will be facilitator for the next agenda.
Geraldine has volunteer. Mike Rogers will print out anything she needs for the meeting.
Next meeting Feb 10.

Furthermore, to end off this agenda, feel free to check out this youtube song video produced by Raymond.

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