1)      Fracking

a.       RAFI in Brass town and Sylva in Feb

b.      News – Haw River sues on constitutional grounds; Jax Co resolves to ask for a ban and positions to regulate at county level; Asheville follow suit.

2)      Quarterly new comer meet and greet

a.       1st in Sylva: City Lights! Venue found so let’s pick a date… 24th 7:00pm

                                i.      Activities: show and tell “brag board”, ice breaker, grazing, meet earlier

                              ii.      For next meeting: menu and budget proposals.

                            iii.      Logo/flier development ongoing.

                            iv.      Press release planning and development for distribution tentatively end of January.

3)      Finance report: $92.00 after collection


4)      MTA

a.       Jax Co is brining MTA resolution to a vote 6:00pm Jan 29th

                                i.      Allen will present

                              ii.      Canary coalition will record

                            iii.      Turn out: FB, calls, e-mail, car pool/ride share

b.      Coordinate regional groups

                                i.      Regional meeting in the works for the 3rd week of January.

c.       National Leadership Summit

                                i.      One meeting for DC and one for _____?

                              ii.      Do we want to go? Do we want to fund raise?

                            iii.      What trainings? Community organizing, lobbying.


5)      NAACP

a.       MLK day of service Monday 19th

b.      Distribution of posters organized for schools and other organizations arranged.


6)      Webcasting content development and scheduling

a.       Develop content: air local event, air discussion of local issues.

7)      NEXT MEETING: come prepared to discuss potential for leadership retreat.

NEXT Facilitator: Raymond


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‘Connie J. Conklin’ seascat@ymail.com [occupywnc] <occupywnc@yahoogroups.com>

Jan 15

to occupywnc
Gee Garrett, I love it that you’re willin to do the minutes!!!  And I don’t want the job, BUT- that looks more like an agenda than minutes.  Minutes, to me, are more than listing the subject discussed, they include a bit about or summary of or result of discussion of the said subject?
It’s ok, though, I was there and remember all that I really need to know.  😉  🙂
Ok, how about adding “discussion of” before each thing listed.  That should do for most.*:-? thinking
Connie J. Conklin, MEd founder

Posted by: “Connie J. Conklin” <seascat@ymail.com>

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