Minutes, Occupy Western NC meeting Aug12, 2014,

Facilitator: Lucy Christopher,   Minutes: Mike Rogers


Fracking hearing is Sept 12 at WCU

Apple Festival in Hendersonville; date ?

Dogwood Insight Center Sept 6 at 3p; several non-profit discussion, cooking contest


MEC hearing at WCU for far western NC input

  • Canary coalition is to host the press conference and rally
  • See “bullet points on key draft rules” for guidance on making comments
  • Want lots of people to attend and comment
  • The cosponsor of the Fast Track Fracking bill, Davis, stated he is opposed to testing in W NC
  • Hearing at 5, signup at 4, press conference at 3:30?
  • Consider a showing of Gasland II at campus the week prior to?
  • Potential bus from Asheville

Candidates Forum

  • Decided to do forum a different year, as we all have our hands full.

Pledge to Amend

  • A drive to bring awareness of corp personhood. Movements don’t happen overnight. We are in the beginning phases .
  • Voter Pledge: we will concentrate on other aspects than this.
  • Candidtate Questionaire/Pledge

o      Going to forums and asking the candidates

o      As a team; questioner/taper/notes taker

o      Sept4 (thurs) Hill & Meadows forum

o      The idea is to work on local candidates who will move up eventually

o      We agree to send out candidate pledges and announce to the press about results

o      For next meeting: decide which candidates to pursue

7 Moral Days in Raleigh

  • We unanimously agree as Occupy and MTA to endorse Move Forward.
  •  The 28th is the main event we might want to go to

Facilitator for Aug 26th Occupy meeting: Garrett Lagan

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