Facilitator —Mike Rogers,             Minute taker – Allen Lomax

Reports (Brief)—

o      Bryson City Gasland II Event on May 31st – Garrett

  • 8 people who were not volunteers attended

o      Nation Builder: petition sign ups from GUTM – Mike done

  • Petitions from Greening Up The Mountain have been added to Nation Builder

To Consider

  1. July 4th event– discuss: a group picnic?
    • Picnic at Joan’s and Franklin’s in Otto, 1:00 pm, Covered Dish with a salad theme. Directions to there home are forthcoming.
  2. What’s next onFracking? – Garrett
    • 50 + people gather at the Swain County Library to strategize and plan actions
    • At the Swain Commissioner’s meeting the Commissioners agreed that fracking is a problem but with the State General Assembly legislating to curtail local control, they are uncertain of what actions can be taken
    • Commissioners will sign onto a letter requesting a hearing in Western part of the State.
    • Garrett has been invited to make a presentation in Andrews 7/12
    • A Fracking Summit for Macon, Jackson, and Swain Counties will be held July 19. Place and venue forthcoming.
    • Nantahala Brew and Tap and Swain Fine Arts Center will be hosting a showing of Gasland II – dates and times to be determined.
    • The questions was raised as to who is in charge of public lands and is there an effort to get their support to halt fracking
  3. On Wednesday, July 2, 6:30 PM, The Canary Coalition is holding its Annual Gathering at the Public Library in Sylva, 310 Keener Street.
    • This event will be a sing-a-long of Songs of the Movement, Mark Case, Roger Turner, Garrett Lagan, and Allen Lomax will make comments.
  4. Inquiry to website contact forum; Support for Citizens for Self-Governance? –
    • Discussed no conclusions. Tabled.
  5. MTA Newsletter: posting suggestions (input from everyone needed) – Lucy
  6. On 06/25/13 – we committed to 12 months of MTA FOCUS; so need to access/recommit, etc) Statement of 12 Month FOCUS for OccupyWNC: ”Occupy WNC, an affiliate of MoveToAmend.org, will focus on the issue of corporate personhood. We will take steps to excise corporate influence from our government and to implement local alternatives to corporate power.”
    • Consensus to re-commit for another 12 months. The theme supports a broad range of issues and has worked well to provide for a consistent theme     
  7. Financial Report and Collection
    • Franklin reports that we currently have $304.72 in treasury
  8. Stack:
    • Dr. Graeme Potter will be presenting at different venues, the health effects from fracking. Dates and venues to be determined
    • Tom Hall is running against Mark Meadows in the general election

Next General Assembly—July 8thth

  • Facilitator — Joan

Adjourned 8:30 pm.

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