OccupyWNC General Assembly Minutes

April 8, 2014
Facilitator – Ray  Minute taker – Joan   9 members present


1. Our future meeting with HC Cafe (Henderson Co. Occupiers).  After discussion it was decided that the first opportunity would be on May 17 or 24. Lucy will be in communication with Jacque K and see what would work with their group. We would travel to meet with them.


2. Discussion of a request from Mark Case, President WNC – CLC (Contract Labor Council), a union group, to help sponsor an event soon after the primaries (May 6). He stated he visualized a big event with speakers with the issue being workers and what they face in coming years. The event would take place outside, close to Asheville. It would be to get to know the candidates and the issues facing the electorate.  Lucy is in communication with him with Avram offering to help.


3. Greening up the Mts. April 26  There will be 1 booth this year and no skit. We have Lucy, Madeline, Mike, Garret, James, Shirley, Geraldine and Bill able to man the booth. There are opportunities for other volunteers.  We discussed how to get peoples fracking comments to legislators. There will be post cards for those who have comments to sign and send.


4. Fracking issues.  April 26 Clean Water for NC. will be coming to Sylva for a training session for Fracking events. Contact Garret to be part of this training. Dates for future Fracking events will be discussed at this meeting.


5. A DVD ‘Shadows of Liberty’ was discussed. A venue to show it will be discussed at another meeting.


6. Avram is working on the issue of the Statewide resolution of MTA. Probably will not be brought before the short session.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00