Minutes for March 11, 2014 General Assembly Occupy WNC

Facilitator: Geraldine, Lucy took notes

1.      Report on Selma March: Avram gave a moving account of his time in Selma, including some of the historical context, the visit to the Civil Rights Museum. Next year will be the FIFTIETH anniversary and several Occupiers say they hope to attend. View the video of the event made by Avram.

2.      Did we learn anything from time with Hendersonville group? — Both the evening itself and making contact with a group similar to ours meant a lot to everyone. We agreed that we will make strong effort to attend one of their meetings. (The date: TBA)

3.      GASLAND Part II -Fracking Screening Event—Efforts to finalize plans are saved in document emailed to volunteers – created from the details discussed at the General Assembly. Geraldine and Lucy to meet w/ Michelle over final details.

4.      GUTM Greening Up the Mountain—James has said he will bring and help set up his booth structure and help take down at end of festival.  Occupy needs some strong volunteers as well as for throughout the day. Allen, Avram, Joan and Franklin will not be among us on April 28th. Also, GUTM committee has not yet sent formal approval of our application. (Geraldine submitted fee of $80.) Critical need for volunteers!

5.      While at GUTM office, Geraldine checked on Bridge Park and was told “The County has it.”

6.      (Bridge Park-4th of July). So any July Fourth plans are on hold. Maybe cancelled

7.      NAACP report/update– meeting on Sat. 22 at ten am at Liberty Baptist.  For members willing to take positions of responsibility including working committee chairs and seats.

8.      Due to time constraint we Tabled MTA Timeline topic for another meeting

9.      Steep Slope Planning Board Next Meeting-Thursday, March 13 at 6:00 Justice Center Room A-201.—looks like Occupy will have 4-6 there

10.   NationBuilder report tabled – Mike absent

11.Financial Report by Geraldine—Collected on March 11 – $35.00 for balance of $202.72.

12.   Facilitator for Next GA on March 25th  Allen

13.   Adjourned shortly after 8:30pm

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