Minutes 11/11/14


Moment of silence.



Issues of interest:

Money in pol.

Election results.

Social issues and anti-fracking.

Where to start?

Where to start?

Banking bailouts and irresponsible health care.

Move to Amend.

Social justice community organizing.

Money out of pol.

How to operate without a democracy.

Dismantle corporate hegemony

Grass roots organizing.

Marijuana law reform.

Socio-political interest.



Fracking events:

Organizational meetings in Cherokee and Swain counties.



Gas adds on public radio. Prep for next fundraiser.

Carrot and stick? Further yahoo discussion? Recruit fracking groups.


Bird dog: good job!


News Letter: send Lucy submissions.


Financial report: pass the hat. Start with $32.00


Quarterly meet and greet:


Working group report back: Make a group with measurable outcome targets for outreach and recruiting. Don’t compete with major holidays or festivals. Rather participate in regional events to engage in outreach.


Election results discussion: Grass roots won on many levels and on many issues and grass roots need to be more engaged and engaging.


Brain storming next steps: tabled until article can be absorbed.


Coal Ash Stories: Screening in Sylva Library on the 20th.

Hedges Article: group reading of the article.


MTA committee to facilitate Jax Co passage.

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