NC We the People Campaign

A Future to Honor Liberty, Justice, and Prosperity

We would all like a sustainable future honoring the values of liberty, justice, and prosperity. However, transnational corporations and judges legislating from the bench are in the way! Super PACs, unions, and other large donors to political campaigns have constitutional rights. Money is free speech. High dollar marketing campaigns result in bought elected officials who do not serve voters. Voters should determine who wins our elections and how they serve our interests.

The NC We the People Campaign is working on a ballot measure which declares that North Carolina supports amending the USA Constitution establishing that corporations cannot buy elections and human beings—not corporations—are entitled to constitutional rights. Senators Van Duyn, McKissick and Foushee filed Senate Bill 354, The WE THE PEOPLE ACT! House version of the We the People Act H453 has been filed by Representatives Insko, Gill, Richardson and Quick.

Readers take back your liberty! Sign a petition for the ballot measure: Write post cards to your legislators and get other non-profit organizations to partner with our coalition. (Currently twenty groups.)

With enough public support our legislators in Raleigh will allow North Carolinians to vote in November 2018 by getting this onto the ballot!

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Ann Hibbard