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Corporation is a Business Structure – Not A Person

A corporation is a business structure; it is not a person; and money is property; it is not speech.
While the corporate structure serves a valuable and useful purpose, the runaway accumulated wealth and power of established corporations should not be allowed to control our political system and our local, state and federal governments through the influence of unlimited political campaign contributions. The Preamble of our Constitution says “of, by and for the people; not “of, by and for the corporations.”

After a series of ill-conceived court decisions, a Constitutional Amendment is needed to re-establish this basic governing principle to preserve democracy in America. NC House Bill 453 and Senate Bill 354, AKA the “We the People Act’” will allow North Carolina voters to deliver this message to Congress in a referendum, joining the 18 other states already on record.

The Majority leadership and the legislators in the Rules Committee of both NC State Houses need to hear from you that they should pass these bills out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.

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Avram Friedman