Facilitator:  Lucy                     Minute taker:   Diane                             Timekeeper:  Avram

Ann, Avram, Cory, Allen, Lucy, Ray, Diane


Focus and Moment of reflection

Ann:  Point of order (hand sign of triangle) to help not to interrupt.

Round robin introductions of new people.   Any stack topics?

  1. Place the link http://www.ncwethepeople.org/ on your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media:
  • NC We the People Campaign – Avram, etc. – Report on progress on contacting all the NCWTP Campaign Partners
  • Diane & Avram wrote letter to send by email to all partners of campaign
  • Once sent, then we can call to follow up.
  • Avram read out loud for review & edits
  • Allen will send Diane 5 people to call and Lucy the sponsors so she can divide among members to call as follow up. There are 32 sponsors.


  1. Plans for December 5th Occupy Report—Occupiers Ann, Joan and Cory discuss the list of Questions we are submitting to Candidates and their spokespersons
  • tv – Avram on status of Mountain Stream
  • Show is December 5th at 1:30
  • Cory & Joan for 7 points discussed with 2 political surrogates
  1. NC Peoples’ Assembly- 2018 -Garrett
    • not currently active
  1. Divestment – Cory, Brad
  • Not sure what’s happening
  • Can’t get traction from students.
  • Administration doesn’t care
  • Concentration on recycle instead
  • Lucy may know someone from Cherokee to carry this on.
  1. Which two main issues will be our 2018 focus?
  • NC We the People
  • Allen proposed “Get out the Vote”
  • Present at Democrat Progressive “Party”

Diane – List details about Dem Party

  • Ann would like to undermine Duke Power by promoting renewable power.


  • form energy coops
  • work on law preventing competition of Duke Energy
  • Avram can present report on laws relating to Duke Energy
  1. Treasure’s Report – Cory $432.75 last meeting, No expenditures
  2. Stack – nothing
  3. Facilitator on December 12th – Allen; Minutes – Diane