Minutes 01.09.18

General Assembly        January 9, 2018 (7:00 pm)

Pre-Assembly Dinner: Sneak E Squirrel (6:00 pm)

Mission: a diverse and non-partisan coalition, Acting to promote social and economic equality for the 99%

Facilitator: Lucy              Minute taker: Ann               Timekeeper: Allen

Focus and Moment of reflection

A . We the People Campaign update

A person speaking as “we” contacted Avram from Boone to report gathering 200 signatures. They are not a sponsoring group.

Continue making contacts and report results to Avram. (Lucy emailed Dianne to let her know that two of us have not received our lists of group heads to contact.) Important to send them info on a regular basis both to emphasize the vital nature of our campaign and to take advantage of the window of opportunity we have from now till the short legislative session begins in March. Talking points include:

  1. Gather and submit petition signatures
  2. Contact legislators to get H453 and S354 out of committee and onto the ballot for 2018. Go to the following site and use the “send a message” tab! http://www.ncwethepeople.org/
  3. When talking to NAACP branches stress that their presidents need to encourage the NAACP state level president to officially approve the WTP Campaign since NAACP action seems to follow a top-down pattern
  4. All need to post the above website address on our email signatures and websites etc.


  1. OWNC Report update

The episode on January 2 covered a discussion on the energy monopoly that Duke Power has in NC;  how this is a result of big money in politics; and how the sustainable energy industry is undermined by them. This was a great success thanks to Avram and Cory.

A surrogate from the Mark Meadows campaign was requested but no reply was received except an email explaining how Meadow’s support of the recent tax bill was good.

Ann reported having not contacted Dr. Steven Woodsmall’s campaign yet but plans to do so for the February 6 episode.

Plan B in case Woodsmall does not send anyone is to continue discussing how corporate money in politics is having a negative effect on many aspects of our lives such as:

  1. Healthcare (Allen volunteered to be part of that show) 2. Women’s issues 3. Labor issues (Garrett and Ray and Mark Case were suggested) 4. Racial justice 5. Wealth inequality 6. Media. 7. Voting rights


  1. Action Priority Focus
  2. Challenge the energy monopoly in NC. Sale of rooftop solar systems already help. S236 and H427 have been submitted to the NC legislature to that end.
  3. Continue to support WTP Campaign
  4. Work to overcome voter suppression: Get out the vote (Democracy NC is organizing younger voters which helps)
  5. Work to support various coop structures of labor and product supply types. Suggestions:
  6. Food: John B. from Signature Brew operates a food coop and has volunteered to come our next meeting to discuss. Education sessions held at John’s store could yield talking points for letters to editors. Ann argued against the idea of engaging The Gleaners from Haywood county because they support the agricultural branch of the petrochemical industry which is the largest source of corporate money in politics which enables the 1% to oppress the 99%.
  7. Labor: Cory suggested teaching groups on how to start a workers coop with the purpose of saturating the area with them to compete with large corporations. Ray reminded us that WFC.org and GEO.coop have good resources for that.

It was suggested to choose which of these to actually work on at our next meeting (see below.)

  1. Stack/Announcements

Allen reports that part of a bill that passed in the NC Legislature states that 3rd parties now only need 2,000 signatures to get onto the ballot in NC instead of the 10,000 formerly required.

Women’s March in Asheville is Jan. 20

Meeting in Franklin Tues, Jan 16th 7:00 PM to discuss Duke Power rate increase at Macon County Courthouse in courtroom A.

There is a $50 Freedom Riders bus to the Moral March on Raleigh for Saturday February 10

There is a gathering on MLK Day Jan.15th at the fountain in Sylva and then to the Grand Room at UNC University Center

  1. Treasurer’s Report

$469.75 before hat.    $479.75 after hat.

Select next GA Facilitator: Ann

Next meeting is Jan. 23rd at Sneak E. Squirrel (Their sale or closure may be followed on their Facebook page.)